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Re: 300% Cert Boost not working... Again!!

Originally Posted by OCNSethy View Post
Its okay, Ghoest9 is very zen about these things
I'm sure he means well.

But it annoys me a tad when skilled peeps think that everyone can be as good as them, with a little effort. I'm at my best now, and the only time I can improve my XP rate is by either using boosts or jumping in with a BR100 tanker as a gunner.

Or, sometimes I have been on the winning side of an alert, but that is rare because I only get on a couple of days a week.

So I have to work on my current average of around 120xp per minute.

120 * 60 / 250 = 29 certs per hour.

I'll generally jump on for around two to three hours at a time, perhaps three sessions over the weekend.

Say I get ten hours a week in;

10 * 29 = 290 certs per week

I generally log in every day at 48 certs per day so that's

48 * 7 = 336 certs

336 + 290 = 626 certs

So I am averaging 626 / 7 = 89 certs per day, which includes my passive certs.

So trying to suggest that someone of my activity and skill level can earn 60 or more certs in an hour is something I just cannot understand, but I am willing to be educated, if there is someway a "forever noob" like me to farm the zerg...
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