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Re: 300% Cert Boost not working... Again!!

Originally Posted by GreyFrog View Post
Its less about certs/h or even how easily they are obtained and more about SOE not providing what we paid for. No acknowledgement of the issue and no recompense for their failure to provide said items.
Yeah, plus one to that.

I should have mentioned that it is fixed now and I got my full quota when I logged in this morning, so thanks for that at least.

I have just checked my e-mails and I am pleased to say that the support team have responded to my ticket, which I had honestly thought would have disappeared into a black hole. Some hope is restored there then.

At the end of his words about the recent server "issues" he says, "I will be able to tell you more and possible give out (some) missing Certs."

The words "possible" and "(some)" don't sound too good LOL. We shall see...

Oh, and this is the last weekend before Christmas so the double XP boost SOE are putting on to compensate for the server issues kinda passes me by because I'll be out and about most of the time. Ah well... Time to stop griping and I might try to jump on tonight for an hour or so and get me some target practice in
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