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Re: Why SOE make the PPA so bad?

The VS have enjoyed their ascension, now it's time to come back down to Planetside,

The dev's have been power creeping your faction for to long. When 1 of your OP toys was nerfed. I noticed there was the usual grumbles by the same old faces on the PS2 forums but most VS simply went "meh ZOE's" been nerfed, say hello to Sniper Saron Spider tank.... oh that's been nerfed, Say hello to the killdozer PPA. Months and months have gone by and all the VS do is moved from one OP weapon to another.

We can hope that the string finally runs out and we can have the semblance of balance in this game. Though I rather doubt it as I find those who are supposed to be the Q/A department of PS2 go to work dressed like this


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