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Re: How to upgrade AV Turret on PS4?

Originally Posted by ShaunnPK View Post
Took a little while to get the hang of, but I absolutely love taking down Sunderers etc with it.

I've gone through all the options at the stations and there's nothing on upgrading the AV.

In the actual options under passives, the Anti-infantry is listed, but the AV isn't.
Sad times.

Nothing feels better than getting a safe distance with my AV and taking out the enemy spawn in effect winning the battle.
And that's the buffed version of a Sunderer. It only took a year of (mostly myself) spamming to convince the PS2 Devs to actually buff the offensive spawn Sundy.

And instead of removing the No Deploy Zone, they just put parking shack on most bases to hide them (it's like they never played their own game). Up to now, not a single Developer can even try to stack up the "benefit" of the NDZ versus its overwhelming host of detriment

Btw, are you Vanu? Try out their broken Lancers. Practically a hitscan weapon that can destroy vehicles at up to 600-800m range. If you are new to PS2, infantry - who handle the Lancers - only render at 300m, so you're fighting invisible enemies. The AV turret was nerfed to 300-350m I believe. But again, the PS2 Devs will ignore the brokenness of that weapon. Only because Vanu..

Lastly, I hear they are already merging PS4 servers (after a month?) Again, we told them last year not to release PS2 in PS4 at this state.
(And now they are on Reddit trying to retcon the whole ZOE Max debacle. LOL we were there the first day/time it was released in the PTS. The VS Waterson was testing the NC Maxes while the NC Waterson were testing out the VS Maxes (typical competitive Waterson meta). They were there too and we told them not to release that thing because it was utterly, utterly broken. Even the Vanu can't believe it. They were beside themselves with glee).

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post

SOE can't release PS2 in PS4 in this state, it will be another PC release part deux, where players leave as soon as they arrived.

Remember when they are all focused on 'promos' instead of balance at launch? This will be a repeat. The gameplay balance is not as bad as before. But there are still lingering issues with faction balance. Magrider hill climbing, evasion (they lowered all the tank range; what's the downside of this tank anymore), survivability and ability to wipe Sunderer spawns easily (Peek/Shoot/Hide spam). Try to defend your Sunderer against Mags sniping and dancing on a hill. That can't be done with a Prowler/Vanguard without prolonged exposure to danger. There's the no-render-over 300m Lancer VS squads and their no-downside guns, especially the 0.75x movespeed Orion which also has high precision and rate-of-fire, wow.

That and the Battleflow ought to be addressed before they even think of releasing this on PS4.

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