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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
...until the rules were changed at the last min per request of NNG and TGWW. We could have brought in a bunch of pilots from Connery to help out with the air that we knew they would have ,but we dont roll like that. It also was stated in the rules that this wasn't allowed.

We played by the book ,and we lost to NNG ,TGWW ,and the pilots they brought in from other outfits on Watterson.
Rules changed at the last minute? What rule was that?

Are you referring to the Squad Beacon rule? We were told we would have beacons and that about 10 players from each outfit would get bumped to BR 10. Then we were later told that beacons were broken and could not be used. We changed our plans to accommodate for no beacons and had 2 days to prepare and cert'd Ejection Seat Libs with plans on how to drop people etc.

DAY OF the match, they tell us, "Oh btw, beacons now work". We planned for 2 days on how to operate without beacons, so I voted 'no' on allowing beacons.

What pilots did we use from Waterson? Enlighten me. Or are you referring to Mattherson?

If you think that what you saw is any different from what you'll see in a top tier MLG match you are quite mistaken. Our air force is very very good, but I have no doubt there are better.

Wanna know what rule I asked for everyone to agree on before the match that got shot down?? "No A2A missiles".

We wanted a skilled fight in the air, and we were told no by the TR side. That's ok, my guys didn't want lockons and no one had to even be told not to use them. Had anyone pulled lockons I would have booted them from the platoon.

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