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Exclamation icUgaming - One Outfit to rule them all! [EU]

First off, thank you for taking your time to visit this thread! The below post contains all of the relevant information regarding our community, its values and its goals, which I hope will interest you in icU° Gaming.

We will be playing Vanu Sovereigmty, this has been decided through a vote. We're starting out with about 20 old clan members and would love if you joined us :)

The Facts

• Recruiting: Open, we are always looking for more members!
• Region: Europe (in addition to members in North America and the rest of the world)
• Age requirement: 16
• Website:
• Steam group:

We have a sponsored TeamSpeak 3 server! The address is only available to members of icU° Gaming for security purposes.

A Brief Introduction

icU° Gaming is a European based gaming community with over 1300 registered members worldwide. It is active as a guild or a clan in a variety of games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Firefall and Modern Warfare 3 as well as operating a dedicated Minecraft server!
Now we’re expanding with yet another game! Planetside 2!!!

Due to its Europe-focused player base, it is a diverse and rich community that is naturally accepting of all cultures and nationalities. Nothing is foreign to us!
Many gamers might be discouraged by the thought of an European player base but rest assured, despite the fact that the majority of our members are from Europe, icU° Gaming has many active members in North America as well.
This has led icU° Gaming to become a friendly, tight-knit and supporting community which plays a broad variety of current games including ones outside of the "officially adopted" games.

Our Values and Attitudes

We hope to appeal to players of all genres and attitudes, whether this would be FPS players, RPG players, gamers who are PvP orientated and gamers who are not. Our community does not discriminate against certain genres or styles; we are always open to new areas of the gaming world!

Furthermore, we wish to provide members with a friendly and supportive environment which is both casual and serious. This means that our main objective is to foster a fun attitude whilst simultaneously displaying success with our guilds in the various games!
We have no rules on seriousness, language or the like, but still maintain a positive stance where we do not tolerate any form of abuse towards fellow members (inappropriate comments, racist remarks etc.) nor do we allow any kind of hacking within official icU games. We recognize that there is a thin but clear line between joking around and causing unnecessary grief to members, so please do not feel discouraged or limited by these rules. (A detailed list of rules may be found here)


As mentioned previously, we operate in a wide variety of games. To say the least, these are the games that we are the most active in or the games with the most potential for a guild or a clan.
While we expect nothing of our members, we do ask of some commitment to the game at group events or competitive guild vs. guild matches. We will favor the most active and committed players over the skilled yet unreliable ones. However do not feel distressed if you have a lot going on in your life, we understand! Everyone has some important and time-consuming event at some point in their lives! 24/7 commitment is not asked for unlike with some communities out there!

With that being said, we also enjoy many current games which are group-orientated such as Team Fortress 2, Dungeon Defenders and League of Legends. These games are nearly always impromptu and depend on current new releases or are simply classics that our members enjoy playing independently of icU° Gaming.
So feel free to hop on in (at the group leaders discretion) when you see us playing something other than what is on the official game roster.

Why PLanetside 2?

Good question! Well to answer it simply, a number of our members have expressed interest in Planetside 2 and we felt that we have enough to start an “Outfit”. We have also taken into consideration the fact that a large number of our member base enjoys shooters and would naturally be attracted to PS2, especially the players in our Global Agenda agency and Firefall Army who obviously like the idea of futuristic MMOFPS games!

Also the game looks damn-good, so there should not be any need to justify playing it!

Our Goal in Planetside 2

While our main focus will be Outfit versus Outfit gameplay, we also wish to focus on other aspects of the game. This could be lvl’ing or gaining new and better gear through a group effort. As said before then we have room for both hardcore and casual players, so those who want to play competitively has the opportunity.

A Small Summary

If you have taken your time to read all of this, then we thank you. If you wish to join one of the friendliest and supportive gaming communities in Europe, please head over to There you can find some more information about us and hopefully sign up, introduce yourself and find out why gaming with us is so great!

If you have any Questions don't hesited to ask in this thread or mail me on [email protected].

The icU° Gaming Community
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