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Ressource colection % based on players population and contestation !

I would like to see a ressource colection % based on the actual players base of the servers ur playing on and on the actual contestations of each regions if a regions take like 6 hours to cap and almost 20000 people die to get it so the % of the ressrouce colection will be higher and if the based as been taken with no contestation the ressource collection % will be very low !

So big Figth Big chalenge = Big reward

No figth No chanlenge = almost no reward

thats can be a idea to fix bankroll silly tactics from people who already talk about been rich in Low pop servers !

Dont get me wrong i dont want to punish anyones in any way i want to fix a issue thats can be a unfair and silly for those who actually play figth and die for lands and those who try to exploits empty regions !

so I would like people wo understand this ans also put up some more idea to balanced thing to encourage players to figth big battle or full population servers or regions !

Lets say a servers is low population so the figth thats take place in a regions like lets say 50 vs 50 vs 50 will reward players as the same as servers who have 666 vs 666 vs 666 but those who try to cap empty regions with NO contestation will only get a fractions of the ressources normally offers !

So thats way people will want in order to suceed and figth to figth in the same regions of the continents

So when the population cap is low the IN GAME MISSION SYSTHEM give a mission for all 3 empire to capture a certain regions and only this one or FEW regions will allow players to harverst a decent amount of ressource and allow them to get awesome reward !

this will prevent regions farming and FREE ressources farming !
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