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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Agreed completely, though I think there's need for some clearance in terminology as we both used "linear base design", but defined it differently.

I used linear in the sense that they literally designed it in a single line, without considering that you can step around that line. Your definition of linear means basically a convergent sink hole: from whatever direction you come, you'll end up having to go through the same order of lines of defense in order to get through the total defense.

Hopefully that should prevent a dev reading this from missing the point:

Combat flow was linear staged in PS1 with a fortress setup, because it accounted for 360 degrees combat, with a few openings in a few lines and only the VS MAX (being dependent on others) being an exemption. PS2 otoh requires 1080 degrees combat to be linear staged (thanks to jetpacks, jetpacks everywhere), but is often only simply linear in one vector direction (in all other directions, you can simply ignore all defensive lines) and indeed, provides an arena map situation + tanks and aircraft.

That results in such a different gameplay... :/

But it's so hard to get this message through it seems.
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