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Originally Posted by Knightwyvern View Post
The camo isn't really meant to be usable so much as cool cosmetic touches. After all as it stands, you can just spot someone if aiming at them anyways.

Would be cool though if you could through certs or something gain access to a cloaking suit that doesn't allow you to be spotted.
Camo isnt 100% effective but has MUCH more use than mere cosmetic touches. I am aware that it's not complete camo and It won't make you blend in completely but if used right can make it significantly harder to be spotted by enemy players. Yes you can spot someone if aiming at them, but you have to be looking right at their position first (I dearly hope you can't just spam the spot button like other games). On the otherhand, with hit indicators you can just give a quick sweeping spray at any dark area or rock formation and it'd definitively tell you if an enemy was there whether or not you saw or spotted him (much more possible with TR type weapons).
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