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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

SOE need to stop fixing things that aren't even broken.

I just saw Gourney Dam get dismantled just like that on Planetside 2 Twitch channel. Witnessing the base gutted like that is disheartening and disagreeable.

The only thing that base is lacking is proper attacker Sunderer parking to the north, that's it. 'Proper' as in a shed or two.

Now, they got this wide open base that's going be a sniper haven on all sides, with tanks poking in and attackers having easy access to spawn camp both the main spawn and the teleporter spawn. Not only that, it's going to be buzzing with aircrafts now that the tall turrets are gone.

Wow, I swear, and I say this without venom. Do they even play their own game? I doubt it very much. It's mind-boggling, they always find a base to wreck. They did it to the Crown. They did it to Tawrich Tower. They did it to Quartz Ridge.

Tawrich Tower was great last year. It had this amazing crossroad that's a gateway to the east. All they saw in it was their Red Dot Dogma. Basically what that is, when they see a bunch of killing in their graphs, they automatically think it is 'bad'. Hence, it's dogma. They don't ever see it as good within context or flow.

What is Tawrich tower now? There's a huge rock formation blocking all line of sight, with the cap point in the outside building covered by more rocks. It's no wonder nobody wants to fight there. Contrast that with the EPIC fights last year. All they are doing is 'shift' these red dots, since players flee from the bases they destroy.

What's happening:
Good base tampered > Goes bad > Players avoid it > "red dots" go away.

Instead of finding cues from a good base and applying it to other bases, they're rather ruin a base, so players will spread out and not flock to it.

Now, if they are just removing a dozen objects and replacing it with a log, that would have been enough. But, why allow attackers such close access to the spawn room too?. It's mighty perplexing why spawn camping is being encouraged.

They just announced a spawn kill timer that gives zero XP. This is similar to the death XP timer i've been advocating since launch.

How will the defenders be able to defend, when it's so easy to lock players in. Do they realize that AA turrets are useless without an AV turret complement because tanks and infantry will destroy it easily? It's the interplay between Aircraft pressuring the AV turret, AA pressuring the aircraft and everything in between, vice versa. Everything in between as in Snipers pressuring engies repairing, AV laying down suppression fire on infantry pathway etc etc.

Once it is down, then aircrafts will descend to seal all defenders in. Obviously they don't know this because, they don't really participate in fights, and they aren't fluent with the chronology, flow and context of the battle at all.

This will be like Waterson's Redemption without the walls. I'm sure they never had an epic attack/defense experience on Gourney Dam. Instead, they consult graphs and dots as their reference.
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