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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

You seem to be conveniently forgetting the time investment to specialization. It's not like 2 months in of constant play anyone is going to have full access to the MA, HA, AV, Medical, Engineering, Reaver pilot certs. That may take up to 6 years. May take more. May take less. Or a player could dip a little into everything quickly but they wouldn't exactly be "specialized" either.

Really, you're freaking out over something we shouldn't have to worry about a long, long time from now.

And by then, no one will give a damn, because we'll all have found our preferred method of play and selection of equipment/attachments that we primarily stick with anyway, despite having access to so much else. Just think about how you fill your inventory now, and how someone else might fill theirs. I personally don't leave home with any less than 200 rounds and a REK, despite having no hacking certs.

I don't see any reason to demand players go back to a terminal to activate access to certs. Hell, with what we know thus far, and how players tend to act, I don't see any need to.
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