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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

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Punting a problem doesn't fix it. I want Planetside 2 to be the best possible game and not de-volve into some pile of crap 5-6 years from now because the fundamentals of the cert system were flawed. If anything we should be more congiscent of long-term effects of systems than a normal game because we're seeing it now in PS1. We have an opportunity to provide feedback to the PS2 devs on the designs and avert disaster now and I'm doing that. You may not see the value in that but I'm not forcing you to read my posts.
Not everyone agrees there is a disaster that is impending. Your interpretation is not the only one. If, years down the line, everyone has access to everything, my opinion will be Great! Finally!

The fun things about fps games are that people have their own personal tastes. People will do what they love doing a lot more than things they dislike. Just like they don't need RPG aspects to increase your power(since you do that naturally), you also don't need RPG to limit what you do, since that happens naturally as well. Even if I'd had a free cert for air cav in PS i would have rarely used it. Didn't care for it much. Wasn't big on leading squads. Barely ever took out a lightning, deli, ams, flails. Could have had certs for all those things and I'd still rarely do them because I just didn't enjoy it. Buggies sucked, but I loved them, so I took those out.

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