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No way this game will be released later this year as BF3 and MW3 will be out. Good luck gaining any major player base with the majority of the FPS players being enthralled with those games. If SOE wants to aim for a 2012 release I would not be shocked to see it late second quarter or early third quarter. Any later you will be putting up with the next CoD game over shadowing any other FPS. Depending on closed beta I would hope they would do that at least for 6 months and at the current rate closed beta probably will not be here till at least the fall time.
Those are platform FPS games first off, they have their own player base really. Second it would be easier to compete with a COD or BF3 game compared to a largely successful DUST 514 which is suppose to be released Q2 of next year. Regardless I wouldnt expect PS2 till late next year.
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