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Re: Rough Estimate on Release Date?

Well PS2 is taking modern day FPS mechanics to fit into the original to appeal to more FPS players. With that SOE is wanting to attract CoD and BF players. Did you see how many times Smed mentioned BF? Besides this games needs attention when it is released and will only fly under the radar with those two FPS games being released. BF3 and MW3 likely will be the biggest releases this year for gaming for FPS games anyway. I doubt SOE is worried about Dust 514 as that is only on the PS3 not PC.

@ Duke

I wasn't talking about Beta being an issue for getting players, but when the game is actually released on shelfs. It would be suicide to go about against the two biggest names in the FPS industry and when you have the new star wars MMO coming out too. Remember that boycott for MW2 on PC due the lack of dedicated servers? We saw how that turned out. People are still going to flock to MW3 like the past 9000 cod games released over the years.

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