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Problem with the VS and TR ground assaults is that not enough people use their armor. How many tanks are in an NC zerg versus a VS or TR zerg? The TR will claim that it's because their tank takes 3 people, but it is perfectly usable with 2, and nobody who has the cert is gonna gun for one(for the most part).

What I usually see when the NC zerg comes against a VS zerg is 4 VS Mags running in seperate directions getting taken out by 2-4 Vans that stay close together and probably complaining about the overpowered Van.

When we come against a TR zerg, it's a compeltely different story. I usually see 0-2 tanks, but if there is more than one, they're usually close together.

I think the Mag's strafing ability may have turned alot of VS off to staying close to another Mag. They tend to collide alot.

I drive a Lightning, and let me tell you that sticking together is all that keeps you alive alot of time. Being in a group keeps you from being a target for everyone, since people divide their fire, and it gives you cover so you can retreat and repair when damaged.

I think tactics plays a big role in what's going on as well. I've seen some really good fights over the last few days with very near equivelant forces of TR and VS. After battles like these, I have determined that the NC advantage(outside of numbers) is very slight.
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