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Originally Posted by WritheNC
Yes, air superiority is almost everything. Win the skies, and that's over half the battle.

That is a weakness NC have; I'd be scared to think what happens after they fix the lock on bug with the striker/sparrow.

As for tonight on Emerald, the NC have 7 conts locked with a 37/32/31 advantage because all the TR and VS are went to Amerish and there's no room for NC there heh.
Uhh, TR never keep Air superiority, since the burster can't clear high alt air. Handheld AV will not turn the battle at all.

As to that NC night, I saw NC pop in the 40s for a while. We tried to defend at first, but most TR got fed up and went to Amerish to fight a balanced fight. We had a really good time for many hours, with a lot of quality battles. That is until the NC finished zerging the world and intruded. Since we were now in a 3 way, most folks like me got tired of it and quit. This was yet another case of imbalanced populations causing problems for the other 2 empires. It happened again last night, yet this time it was TR that ended up in the 40s for a while. We did the same thing, with the VS and NC pulling out to fight each other. Unfortunately, we didn't keep the Uber Population so we could Lock the entire world (think we had 5 locks and were working on the 6th when population declined).

So, since we can all pretty much point to population imbalances as the culprit, then we need a fix. Only fix I can see is to beef up the population modifiers. Give the lower population a healthy xp, health and respawn advantages, at the same time give the uber population a healthy xp, cep and respawn reduction. That may deter and balance these populations, thus making the fighting a little more fun for us all.
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