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Originally Posted by KIAsan
Uhh, TR never keep Air superiority, since the burster can't clear high alt air. Handheld AV will not turn the battle at all.
Couple of problems with that argument. First of all, it isn't high altitude that determines air superiority. Gals and Libs aren't much of a concern. Yes a Lib can maul your V-pad a few times, but where there are packs of reavers and mossys buzzing around, you don't need an AA MAX to take them out. The other flaw I see is that AA MAXs for all the empires do a rather piss poor job of taking out high altitude aircraft if the pilot is anything but a drooling retard. Sure the Sparrow and Starfire can get a couple of shots into a high flying lib as it makes a run, but unless there are a lot of them firing, they aren't going to take it down.

Air superiority is not keeping the skies clear over your bases, at least not for the purpose of winning continents. is to a certain degree., but more important is filling every square inch of enemy held land with Reavers and Mossys, and that's something both TR and VS do/did very well in my experience.
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