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Re: Massively Interviews Tramell "T-Ray" Isaac

4 hours is about as short as it should be, you are lookin at like 1.75 hours of day and 1.75 night with prob .5 of sunrise/sunset (maybe a bit longer on thet set/rise). anything shorter and your daytime is just gone way too fast.

5 hours is prob best, you get more decent time lengths plus its odd numbered so the time of day in RL versus in game changes constantly so if you play at the same time each day then you get to experience all the times of day as the auraxian time shifts thru. You would keep an odd numbered cycle as a rule thru any additional planets they add in the future as well, for the same reasons although the actual length could vary from very short to vastly longer.

I do hope tho that in future additions of different planets that they take advantage with some unique flavors to day/night cycles with different cycle times and maybe even different ways of lighting it. Two suns with varying times of rise/set, or maybe its a dim star with dusk level of lighting in the day, or maybe nights have many moons with some large and bright and some dim and small to light up the sky for various amounts of time as they pass by giving you say 20-30 mins of good light before it rotates out. Or a million other ideas, some much more exotic. Things that really arent complicated, but add more variety and flavor. Having them be smaller planets or moons with only one zone could mean even more variety per new area as well. Its a long way off for those but could be cool none the less.
Waiting for the return of the superior, real PS style teamwork oriented vehicles with drivers not gunning, and in fixed vehicle slots so we can once again have real, epic, vehicle battles where the tanks actually move in combat rather than a silly 1700's era line up and shoot.

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