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Originally Posted by Ellipson View Post
I've literally never seen another gamer use their mouse in their left hand; we should start a club MarauderShields.
Started out with it many years ago and have too much time invested in the control scheme to easily change my muscle memory now. Unfortunate since I have to end up rebinding every game to fit my scheme. Maybe if I get a desk with more space I'll start looking at converting to wasd.

Originally Posted by Shogun View Post
nowadays i switched hands and play rightmoused and wasd.
mostly because of the lack of lefthanded logitech gamer mouses on the market.
Finding a compatible mouse is no easy task. I actually used to run a Microsoft Intellipoint that was ambidextrous, but I needed something with more buttons and DPI settings. The MX518 isn't ideal, but it works well enough.
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