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Originally Posted by MarauderShields View Post
Started out with it many years ago and have too much time invested in the control scheme to easily change my muscle memory now. Unfortunate since I have to end up rebinding every game to fit my scheme. Maybe if I get a desk with more space I'll start looking at converting to wasd.

Finding a compatible mouse is no easy task. I actually used to run a Microsoft Intellipoint that was ambidextrous, but I needed something with more buttons and DPI settings. The MX518 isn't ideal, but it works well enough.
I used to run IJKL for the longest time, but switched back to WASD for easier access to shift/ctrl for MMO's (My pinky finger on my right hand is useless thanks to a horrific basketball injury in middle school, makes it impossible to hit those buttons on the right side).

I like the Left Hand Deathadder Razer puts out. It's definitely a bit *XTREME GAMER* for me, but I also want to support companies willing to put out left handed stuff. I have to turn all the lights off so my hands don't sweat like crazy, but it's got a good form factor for lefties looking for extra buttons.

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