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Originally Posted by GTGD View Post
I'm a fan of having the ability to self heal/repair. The fact of the matter is, if you need to sacrifice firepower for the ability to heal/repair, there is going to be a severe shortage of support. Not all FPS players are so self-sacrificing for the good of the team. Just look at the zerg, the only reason they even cert it is because it helps them zerg better.
This is exactly why I like healing/reparing. I'm a big proponent of complex holstering delays (especially large 5-10 second inventory to holster delays) and holstering choices. If you have like 10 different "pistol" slot devices or weapons it varies people's priorities especially between classes. Medics might have two pistol holsters and bonuses for their medical applicators whereas a non-medic might heal slowly. Same would be true for repairing. Running back and healing/repairing for a non-medic/non-engineer should be a slower operation basically.

If the game only has a few choices for holsters then it becomes more of a problem. Imagine if your MA rifle has a long reload and you have two holsters. Do you want med/eng or a pistol. (This is especially true if the game gets rid of any inventory). If players have a lot of useful choices with advantages/disadvantages it's better without directly removing choices because a class exists. The class medic/engineer have a lot more abilities than healing/repairing.
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