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Go read the C&C Generals Beta Forum (its open now btw to read, but not post so I can say this) the game LAGS, its not optimized in the least, and this is a 3,500 man Beta... not still internal. One of the Devs made a great point, Beta = Game not Optimized, relese means game optimized.

Basically, there is a ton of polish still needed, that poilish translates to optimized code, be it net code, or the raw system coding. You see this in CCG. The game swaps 550 megs of files... instead of using RAM worth a crap. Why? Degugging and otehr issues.

So whatever "lag" Hamma saw, is raw coding, debugging or such going on, and IMHO not indicitve in the least of what the final product will look like.
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