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Re: A Guide on How To Be A Good Beta Tester

Originally Posted by Duddy View Post
I was fortunate enough to be an Alpha tester for Global Agenda.

Had a lot of fun testing things such s as the "not-so-invincible" Assault shield and mostly the ins and outs of the Robotics class.

Shame they started going in the wrong direction during Beta though. I did test till release, heck even bought the game, but it just wasn't the game I'd seen promise in.

But yeah, look forward to testing PS:2 should I be so lucky

I was too a tester for GA, I loved how they never did test AvA at all and expected it to be amazing on release, Hi rez were pretty funny. I gave that game up months ago because of crappy AvA and they wonder why they are losing playerbase.
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