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Re: Daybreak's John Smedley Steps Down as CEO

Originally Posted by ringring View Post
Yea but remember Smedley co-founded Radant which became SOE. He oulwd have been responsible for EQ only the second mmo and the game that really kicked it all off.

As far as I'm concerned he supported the development of PS, a game that was ahead of it's time in many ways. I'm only sorry that the gap between ps1 and ps2 is so great.

I read so many things about both promises and errors made but hardly no one references all the things that went well, SOE made great games that many many people played and identified with but nothing and no one is ever 100% right all the time and it's unreasonable to expect them to be.
Not Radant... Verant.

PS2 suffers from being too ambitious on several fronts like too many players on a continent which causes severe performance issues, to lacking imagination like a simple default never-ending TDM play mode. I loved and played PS1 for many years but wasn't looking for an upgraded graphics version to be PS2. Wanted an evolved version of it not Battlefield. Free to play drove this game in a large part to be what it is and I loathe it.

I hope Daybreak can come up with some creativity in the future because without it they wont have one.
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