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Re: A possible way to revitalize Planetside's player base?

I had an idea about sub fees. You could keep track of how much time you have. Since you don't use the whole time they could calculate required expenses based on how much per day for the month you would use. Keep the average and have it go up and down actively in the game.

If you only use 2 or 3 hours you could get the up to 3 hours a day for say 3.99 a month. then it would auto keep track of the literal ammount of time and tell you if you get near. If you do it could warn you or let you play so it doesn't disrupte the game and let it could against the time in a next sub. Or you could get an option to pay a bit for that day if you konw you will be playing for many many hours over the norm for taht time period. Based on what it would cosst based on the fee cost of course. So it would only be like 5-10 cents or however much to load you with an extra "literal" time amount over the normal time that you expect to use. Then people wouldn't pay as much for wasted time and other could pay alot to play more and maybe get more people in because of the lower price you could pick.

The reason for the load ability is because since I would think it would be weird for alot to be literally restriced per day. (except in china from what I hear.) You could litereally end up using a days worth up from over playing one day.

Also, you could do hte opposite and let them have their pay lowered if they use less. (Either by the next pay ammount or to realistically have them make more money by 2 or more to determine it was a drastic drop.) This could give them free time in future months that could then be calculated as to when it is actually used to they can actually use it and get a benefit. then you won't be penalized for less play and actually given it back a bit and be nice to the customer. Probly like a good cell phone plan.(I don't have a cell phone, and never have, so I don't know.)

Not sure how it would work realistically but I thought I'd mention it atleast to see how it sounded.

Edit: aditional info..

The time (in that scenario) would literally be 3 hours a day times the days in the month on some scale. I thought that might logically bring in more people and bridge the high and low pay options plus the free vs ptp ideas a little.

I would guess the downside is if they don't bring in more players they potentially lose the money from what they would have made. But, anyway, how would that sound if it were implemented?

And I think they could always stick hte dying games back to a fixed amount when they were in trouble (aside from where planetside is now) in oder to keep it steadier if they need I would think.

I think the concept would be more options of payment and lower pay etc. More realism in what you pay. But it would have to give the game makers a more realistic revinue also.

Anyway. there's my offbeat idea.

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