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The magazine ads worked back in the day. I had a Game Informer article that I had clipped out for a year before I could get a job and build a rig (I was such a young thing back then...) and actually play the game. But after a while, like Firefly, I was unnerved by the way the game was being run. Focusing on balance, I can recall very few instances where TR or NC received a buff while VS got nerfed. I ended up canceling my subscription shortly before Outfit Wars. I picked it back up again last year, but the game was virtually unchanged from when I left off. There were a couple of nifty new guns, but besides that, zero new content. The game looked, handled, and felt the same.

Planetside was everything I had ever wanted in a game, and to this day use it as a standard to compare new games I try. It's a truly unique game in a world of WoW and WoW-clones. I'm equally as baffled as Firefly as to why the support was so sub-par.
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