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Re: John Smedley talks PlanetSide

I'm excited to come back to this site again and see this game back in the works. This is truely great news! Its also great to have another developer posting on PSU

I am not to concerned with the lack of advertising: The game had a bad launch, and recovered very well from the beginning. Anyone remember the original engine? It took em a while to get it right, but when they did there was definatly a strong population. (This is back when Sporkfire was still around) The changes that came in the beginning of the game were great, until the concept of Planetside starting to ultimately change.

I miss the days of dogfights and air combat, I feel like air got the shaft and thats what hurt the game for me. It felt like when I quit I couldnt go anywhere near anything, be it a tower or a base or a road without getting 50,000 lock on warnings and being destroyed the second my afterburners were gone.

I love Planetside, this was a game I was addicted too and I absolutely and uttelry loved. Finally earning CR5 felt like a major accomplishment, and the fact that a guy playing 2 years and max level and a new character could compete with each other fairly was incredible. The "Class" system where leveling meant versitility versus overall power was great, the way stealthing was handeled, the ground vehicle combat, the empire differences, I loved all of them.

Honestly, the one thing I hope to see in PS2 is not more marketing, just a general and honest look at the original planetside seeing what doesnt work and what does. Also a nice bit of air combat and more empire versitility wouldnt hurt (<3)

Anyways, glad to see the game back in the spotlight and the guys here on PSU. Also glad to see the support for vista in the future (I will definatly resub for a month, if only for nostalgias sake)

EDIT- I forgot to take the time to tell you not to take our harsh words personally. I think most of it is just a group of us loving our game a little too much and not wanting to see it go badly and kill any future of it. We <3 you =)

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