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Re: John Smedley talks PlanetSide

Smed thank you for coming by and taking some time to speak with all of us Guys make sure you keep things civil try not to burn things into the ground to much.

I will echo what these guys have said, the marketing overall really seemed to lack. Promotions like reserves PSU really took a front seat in getting keys out there and getting new people into PS. We enjoyed doing that but it seemed like more of an afterthought promotion than a solid thing.

I will say that what turned the game off to me is when my friends all stopped playing. I still play now and then but the game at its prime was when you were shoulder to shoulder with teammates you knew had your back and teamwork was key to victory. They all left for their various reasons (BFRs, Balance, Price Hikes etc etc)

Keep teamwork and balance primary to the game and make sure to market the poop out of it. Also, keep the price closer to the 9 dollar or less mark and you will have a killer.

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