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Re: John Smedley talks PlanetSide

Yes ditto Hamma - Really appreciate you taking the time to post to a bunch of passionate PS folks. To be fair, yes I do remember the advertising for PS - it was there but for whatever reason it seemed to be swallowed by the times. Even then "What side?" was the running joke as few people really knew what the game was about.

Sadly it became a sleeper... passionately loved by those who knew it but largely unappreciated by the majority. Despite that, it has been reviewed and re-reviewed several times - and all with a mostly positive result. Not too shabby for "sleeper" now six years old.

I think we all know what makes planetside unique and what drew or draws us to play it. If PS Next can capitalize on those points, market and produce "that" game - I think you'll have a real competitor in today's MMO market.

Again, Smed - thanks so much for sharing your thoughts over here. We at PSU and the community truly appreciate it.
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