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Originally Posted by Sentrosi View Post
... In no other game that I've played has a person, who just bought, installed and patched the game, able to tip the balance of the game. Almost all the other MMOs you have to start to level before being an effective TEAM member. This game anyone can pick up a supressor and be an effective unit on the battlefield. Please, keep that element in mind when making PSN.
Excellent point Sentrosi! That was one of the things that made PS unique. I know of no other game that incorporated that either. With a team game especially that was critical. So many other games I have played have this level gap - where if you aren't up to a particular level, you are either ineffective with you fellow clan-mates, or it's not even possible to be in the same area as you'd be crushed by the level difference. PS was wonderful in that regard as you could hit the ground running and be with your friends in the same place and still be effective with what you could do. I agree - this is a must have for PS Next!
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