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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
BF2 gives them to you at the spawn screen. You don't have to take a ten minute trip to another base to change up.
Once per-spawn could work here too with loadouts. As long as you can't change it mid-fight and you make a decision at spawn time what your bonuses are going to be I don't see an issue with it.

3)The bonus will be significant, but because there are 5 significant upgrades occupying the same slot on the weapon, you have to pick and choose, and since everyone values different things, different upgrades will be used. i.e. Some would want the high accuracy barrel with reduced cof bloom, some would want the high damage barrel with secondary acceleration coils for more damage, and some would want the underbarrel grenade launcher attachment.
I think you're still not quite understanding what I'm getting at. Weapon upgrades and such that you use resources to acquire are not what I'm discussing. Weapon attachments and augmentations are not the topic of this discussion.

To provide the eve example, I'm talking about the passive upgrades one gets via skills (or certs), not the modules and rigs that can be applied to augment a specific ship. The former is always-on applied to your character. The latter is a one-time purchase that is applied to the current equipment being used.

So I'm talking about how to handle passive power upgrades that might be unlocked via the cert tree. They have described their system like EVE, only with far lower power progression amounts (~20% combined).

Looking back on your posts it seems as though you're just hung up on the proposition of changing these bonuses at a terminal, not with the core idea of limiting active bonuses itself. The frequency at which the bonuses get changed is not the important part of the idea being proposed. The important part is the part in the OP that I bolded, increased font size, and colored yellow. That's the core idea, everything else is a more minor design detail that is certainly subject to being changed. Love to discuss that more if that's what your objection is with.

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