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Re: Meaningful Customization & Balance via Tradeoff Decisions

I did a quick edit of my previous post while you were posting this (its labeled at the end).

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
If its just about permanent upgrades that are not tied to any piece of equipment, and are just a few %, then I see no issue leaving them always on. A few percent in an fps only has meaning on paper.
But then why have them at all? If they're small and insignificant they have no value. And as people train them up they become meaningless as the veterans have the same bonuses.

I would not like stronger bonuses that you must pick between, because I don't like character differentiation like that. You should get good at a role because you play it a lot and are good at it, not pick a role to be good at so you can play it.
I don't disagree with this statement. If the devs are hellbent on having power progression as part of cert training I'd rather see it done this way rather than being flat applied across the board for reasons stated above.

I don't think power progression is necessary. I also dont' think it's bad for the game unless it is applied across-the-board through time-based unlocks, rather than by explicit customization decisions a player makes and has tradeoffs with. That's the context of the thread.
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