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Re: So, there's weather. What about VIOLENT weather?

Originally Posted by Metalsheep View Post
When you start add "random" elements like lightning strikes, gale force winds, or other effects. Players tend to get really angry because its unpredictable.
Lighting doesn't do anything to airplanes anyway. 1000's of planes are struck every year.

To the point though, I agree, random elements of weather should not be deadly (the example being running along and getting hit by lighting). All weather effects should be avoidable, and if you go into the weather you should know how it will affect your gameplay.

For example rain would be visual only, dust would affect visual and minor handling affects, tornado or hurricane winds should have a large affect on air (so if you are air, you would know to avoid them) and long range accuracy for weapons.

There could be lightning strikes but not the kind that kill players. Just a tree getting hit, for example (and if there is fire, catching it on fire). But just a basic lightning strike is great. In fact, having your airplane get hit by lighting would be a really cool visual affect, but just like airplanes now, you'd take no damage.

You should never just be trotting along and die. Weather implementation should affect a dynamic battlefield as a whole and not any single player.

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