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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

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I see VS interfarming more than I see NC doing it, and I'm an NC CR5. Secondly, I don't personally have HA or max certed atm, and the VS use hordes of maxes more than NC or TR do. I'm also on the move around the map far more than I am killing or prepping or capping bases...

Good try though.
So just because you don't, that means all of NC doesn't either?

NC uses a shit ton of MAX's. You see them all of the time with VS because AT uses a massive legion of them. Besides them, MAX use is he same as NC. TR are the only ones that barely ever grab MAXs. Though when they do, it's usually to camp a base...which is where they shine.

And don't be crazy. VS might try to interfarm, but generally fail (Unless done by an outfit). They might last all of 10 minutes before failing. Our zerg fails at it, but the NC zerg can get away with it because they have the easy mode HA.
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....I love you T-Ray.
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and I love you too
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