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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

This thread is a perfect example of why i gave up on Planetside related forums, outside of my outfit.

"you got pwnd, wtfomg, cos you cheated and we r teh ballz at... i dunno, stuff <--"

"I'm sorry, i believe there's some confusion **insert actual facts of situation here**, so i would say your understanding of the situation was at fault, rather than other players"

"HAHAHA!! Cry more/a river/to your mom - accept facts, you r teh sux!"

I think i have found the root of the problem here though, it appears to centre around people understanding of the word "fact".

Aside from that, you all actually care? Holy sh*t, and here's me thinking it was a bit of a laugh having a bundle on Old Oshur, which would have no bearing on the overall game whatsoever, a novelty event for nothing more than sh*ts n giggles.

Well, blow me down.

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