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Re: Flaws of current PS2 Battleflow (Suggestions)

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
They don't have to read it. They don't have to listen to it. They are in complete control of this project from the get-go. When is the last time they even posted here for gameplay discussion? Reddit/Twitter epigrams get buried too quickly without any argument or rebuttals. Yet they still rely on circle-jerks without reasonings.
The Devs aren't going to read your multicolored text diarrhea anyways, I forced myself to sift through it because this is the only place on these forums talking about the New Biolab on the Test Server...

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
Redeployside kills the flow of fights. Players simply bounce all over the place and still not get sustained battles that keep players logged in.

[Personal grips cut for sanity]
People aren't staying logged in for sustained Battles anyways you Blue Burgertard!


Because without any means of GLOBAL Conquest, you have to fight on a SINGLE Map at a time OVER THE SAME THREE DAMN BASES ON THE FRONT!
It doesn't matter how far you can push, because in three hours the other guys are going to have pushed it back, if some third fucker hasn't had the luck to LOCK the fucking Continent.

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
I never pressured SOE, in any of my post, to speed up the implementation of any Meta system of any sort. My approach of it is to take their time. I do constantly criticize them on the broken basics of the game, such as Sunderers, NDZ, faction balance etc.
Oh yes, instead of important issues like Working Warpgates that would allow us to shift Vehicles from one Continent to another, you've been pissing and moaning about stupid plebeian shit that YOU don't like.

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
They ought to rollback the old system until they got a clear plan. Players are simply farming nowadays. Less and less players mind the capture points/bases.

Even at the most crude form, there used to be fights on who shall cap/uncap a continent or who gets to warpgate who. I remember fights where the enemy is down to their last continent-cap bases and most players are there to try to defend it. Players log-in just so they can take/defend bases.
Why in the fuck do we need the old Resource System for this?

This is an issue due to the changes of the Alert System and Continent locking, not Resources, which only created a Snowball Effect so that the Defenders had less and less shit to DEFEND WITH!

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
My 'beef' with the NDZ doesn't come with no reason at all. NDZ is wrong on so many levels.

[More Personal Gripes, all of which were also true of the Original Planetside and thus DOUBLY WRONG]
Again, you are full of shit...
No Deploy Zones protect the Defenders from the Attackers having a closer Spawn to the Point then they do.
You know DAMN WELL that people were Deploying Sunderer right next to fucking Points anywhere they could, nullifying the ONE damn advantage Defenders have in this game.

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
The problem with this is Sunderers are very vulnerable. All the defenders have to do is take out all the Sunderers.
It's the SAME with AMSes, and they didn't even have guns to DEFEND THEMSELVES!

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
What i'm arguing is if attackers are sitting on point C for half an hour, that point should be theirs. The defenders gave it up. This will discourage defensive farmers from turtling. As it is, that C that has been in attacker control for 30 minutes can be reflipped in a couple seconds.
If the ATTACKERS are only turtling on a SINGLE Point, why the FUCK should they get the whole Base?!
They made NO EFFORT to move out, just sat on their asses, and camped in a single building FARMING Defenders for a half an hour!
That isn't a damn accomplishment, it's the barely acceptable minimum!

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
They should do a playtest show how bad the new configuration is. That's what happened with their last attempt at Biolab renovation. Imo, Biolab changes should be gradual, if they are really bent on 'fixing' it. This is one of the most iconic structures in PS2.

The one problem they are obviously trying to remedy is how to get newbies from getting from the bottom to the top without depending on teleporters from other bases, jump pads, or tower jumpads if there are walls.

When I have a sunderer in a walled-biolab, I always put it next to the Tower jumppads. Because if you don't, newbies will be wandering all over the place.
Well, those of us with big enough groups ARE trying to playtest it.
Hell, Roy Awesome made a damn Video pointing out what flaws he saw.

I came here hoping there was someone else to discuss these things with, but everyone apparently left for greener pastures...
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