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Re: Flaws of current PS2 Battleflow (Suggestions)

Originally Posted by Whiteagle View Post
The Devs aren't going to read your multicolored text diarrhea anyways, I forced myself to sift through it because this is the only place on these forums talking about the New Biolab on the Test Server...
You forced yourself to sift through text diarrhea. There are nuggets in there, for sure.

People aren't staying logged in for sustained Battles anyways you Blue Burgertard!


Because without any means of GLOBAL Conquest, you have to fight on a SINGLE Map at a time OVER THE SAME THREE DAMN BASES ON THE FRONT!
It doesn't matter how far you can push, because in three hours the other guys are going to have pushed it back, if some third fucker hasn't had the luck to LOCK the fucking Continent.
People don't play this game for small, short battles. There are already a ton of multiplayer shooters for that.

Oh yes, instead of important issues like Working Warpgates that would allow us to shift Vehicles from one Continent to another, you've been pissing and moaning about stupid plebeian shit that YOU don't like.
I only complain about the basics of the game. They can't pile on "meta gameplay" with broken basics that is supposed to be the foundation of this game. More vague nonsense from you? At least be specific. You can cuss all you want. You're only making a fool of yourself. Cussing and vague generalizations will not materialize any good reasoning, ever.

Why in the fuck do we need the old Resource System for this?

This is an issue due to the changes of the Alert System and Continent locking, not Resources, which only created a Snowball Effect so that the Defenders had less and less shit to DEFEND WITH!
So there's actually a reason to attack/defend bases rather than players just go on farm mode all the time.

Again, you are full of shit...
No Deploy Zones protect the Defenders from the Attackers having a closer Spawn to the Point then they do.
You know DAMN WELL that people were Deploying Sunderer right next to fucking Points anywhere they could, nullifying the ONE damn advantage Defenders have in this game.
Keep ignoring the fact that sunderers are easy to destroy. Any good Sundy spawner will park in a hidden spot rather than a closer spot that is fully exposed. I'm 100% sure you don't spawn sunderers. Or else you'd know this.

The problem here is, regarding distance, the No Deploy Zone forces players to either,
1) Park at a hidden, yet faraway spot and get farmed by defenders or
2) Park at close, yet exposed area right next to the NDZ and outrepair the dps on the sunderer.

Lastly, defenders can also spawn defensive Sunderer spawn. If defenders can do it, why can't attackers for the purpose of getting a secure spawn out of the firing lanes.

It's the SAME with AMSes, and they didn't even have guns to DEFEND THEMSELVES!
Without Sunderers, where do you spawn? Especially in a big fight? Galaxy? Beacons? That's not enough for most of the fights.

Magriders alone aren't balanced vs. Spawn. They hide, pop out, shoot burst damage, hide again. Imbalanced against static Sundies.

If the ATTACKERS are only turtling on a SINGLE Point, why the FUCK should they get the whole Base?!
They made NO EFFORT to move out, just sat on their asses, and camped in a single building FARMING Defenders for a half an hour!
That isn't a damn accomplishment, it's the barely acceptable minimum!
Read the original post first. Capturing a point doesn't mean capturing the base. You only get that point out of the three, hence, the Base timer will not go down.
1) Attacker camps A. Captures A after X minutes.
2) Next, attacker camps B. Defenders are forced to counterattack A to recapture it for X minutes.
3) If attacker captures B too. Then the base timer will start going down. Defenders are then pressured to recapture A or B. And that's their fault for turtling. It's the best solution for the 3-point bases.

Well, those of us with big enough groups ARE trying to playtest it.
Hell, Roy Awesome made a damn Video pointing out what flaws he saw.

I came here hoping there was someone else to discuss these things with, but everyone apparently left for greener pastures...
"Discuss these thing". All you're doing so far is Diss and Cuss things. Last I checked, it's already on Live. or at least the bottom part of it.
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