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Re: Flaws of current PS2 Battleflow (Suggestions)

copying over a reddit comment i made, because why the hell not.

Originally Posted by me
when I talk about 'base design' I'm not specifically referring to corridors.

If you go and look at the bases themselves, they had a logic to them. They could be looked at like an onion, quite literally. There were layers to each base.

there was the inner core - that is, the cc, spawns, gen and so fourth all near one another and HIGHLY defensible, but also assailable with the right strike force

then there was the middle layer - lobby, stairs, vehicle area

then there was the courtyard - a staging area for vehicles and troops

then there were the walls - the defensible area where sieges were either broken, or repelled

then there was outside of that, where the siege itself happened.

it all goes hand in hand, if you look at it.

right now, NONE of that exists. so, once you see that, remove your downvote and actually comprehend/discuss.
fix those problems and you fix battleflow.

addendum: take note, they're all important, but specifically the courtyard and walls portion. if you couldn't keep either secure, it was merely a clock ticking down until you lost the entire base itself.

or you can keep ignoring these facts, i don't really care. ive got no horse in this race anymore. the beautiful thing about facts is that they're true weather or not you agree or like them. The difference here is, I know, 100 percent, that I am on point with what I laid out. You really do have two simple choices to pick from:

a) accept the facts and use them to work to make PS2 better.


b) dont and watch PS2 crumble because its literally Call of BattleDewty MLG - the PS4 launch won't matter at all and won't fix any problems whatsoever.

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