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Re: Creative/Odd Mods for Vehicles

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Here's a few ideas...
Quit a few good ideas Malorn, I like how they're all plausible for both being put in game and keeping balance. Not to mention fun and interesting. I woulda figured more people woulda jumped on the chance to talk about their greatest mod desires for PS2 that were just a little "out there". Let's keep the imagine rolling people.

Galaxy Lodestar Mod - I never liked the lodestar, I will forever love the Galaxy. Since vehicles seem less cumbersome and the Galaxy more so, let's do it like old WW2 plane style and let the vehicle actually fit INSIDE the Galaxy. This would also be tactical as you wouldn't know what or who is inside. There would only be room for the Galaxy gun crew and the vehicle.

Galaxy Flying Fortress - Significantly less cargo room for passengers, but more gunner spots. Includes some gun pods on the top and bottom for 260 rotation and bigger guns. B-27 Flying Fortress basically, man I love those planes.
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