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Why are so many people leaving? Just from my perspective I'm afraid the game is dying. That's not me just hating on it, as I've watched it grow, and although I do personally feel development is sluggish and underwhelming at times, this isn't a game I want to see die. But these forums are dead, and the developers are leaving?!?
I think it's easy to think this way and I know SOE anticipates such a response but people leaving shouldn't be a surprise.

People leave and join because of their own life situations. I've managed multi-year projects before and staff movements are common and don't necessarily have anything to say about the status of the project.

In maggie's case, she'd obviously got into the streaming, broadcast and public aspect of gaming and moving to curse network was obviously a good career move for her.

For TRay, he did a great job on PS2 but the art style is set, he did it and it's probably a good time for him to move to a new project.

As for Malorn, I follow him on twitter, read what he writes and I can fully understand his reasons and good luck to him.

I reckon the people who have come in that I am aware of are good people judging by everything I've read from them so I don't see all of this as anything major, just something that happens after a period of time has elapsed.
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