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Realtek lan RTL8168/8111 Can not start(10) xp error!

I'm in xp this is an onboard lan. It just stopped the other day and I haven o idea how to get it up. I've reflashed the bios to the newest revision i've tried like 3 different drivers(only ones I can find) Nothing gets it to work. I can't quite remember the reason or circumstances it went.

Mobo: GB-970-D3 F9<- bios revision
OS: xp 32bit SP3

I'm fully updated. The stupid thing is this works perfectly in Linux. It's something in windows and is not hardware as far as I can tell. I've reinstalled updated uninstalled all the network cards. Nothing working. I'm completely loss. anyone know.

The Hp driver fix doesn't work either because it will not let you install for xp and is not supportive of it. I can't play any online games because of this problem. And the games obviously don't work in linux.

This is a new 10gb partition of windows xp. It was working from the beginning after I installed the lan drivers initialy. I was playing the SWTOR trial with it. I have the games on a second disk. Now it's just not working. And as I said it still works on linux no problems. I'm currently using my barely functioning wireless connection to type this because I don't feel like rebooting. And yes linux worked still after I had the problem with windows. I was using it to dl the drivers and stick them into the windows partition.

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