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exactly tera

and jackal
i care not to discuss serpus and his offenses on here
but there were people on here acting like I WAS IN THE WRONG, and serpus hasnt done anything

I mean, any kid with a brain and a mouse could goto planetside right now, and type in serpus in the search, and disgusted is all that I can say will DEFINANTLY come to mind

the facts are, I didnt insult a saint,
I didnt insult anyone
I didnt question the integrity of jesus christ or the pope
I brought up the fact that a certain individual has been harrassing peopel on those forums for weeks, and nothing has been done about it..
i merely brought up the question of, "WHY?"

and they gave me the "boot"


i dont care about serpus..
i do care when people act like I was castrating an upstanding citizen over there, and got banned for it
that is so far from the truth its pathetic.
and that is why I posted what I have in regards to that individual
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