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Originally posted by teratravp
Except we're not talking about some rinky **** messageboard banning or something, we're talking about $50 + $13 and shut out of the service he was paying for with nary a discussion about it. Sony either needs a lot more disciplanary options or to get a clue... you can't just take someone's money like that, and for such little reason...
It's a global ban. It is assumed that if he is banned from the forum, then he is banned from the game, it's common sense (To me.) What he posted was dealt with, and he persisted, so Sporkfire took proactive measures to quell what could have been a full-scale riot.

If I were banned from the game due to using a hack or some other exploit, I wouldn't expect forum use either. It just so happened that he pissed his account away on a trivial matter like one person on the forum. But hey, I don't care, now I don't have to hear his self-centered attention grabs related to such a trivial matter.

[Edit- Nary a discussion about it? He was specifically advised not to post such a topic again after a lengethy discussion about the topic. He was also talked to personally, out of the public eye. This wasn't an unexpected thing. I rather wouldn't, but if you'd like, I can even try and retrieve the specific post by Sporkfire.]

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