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the other day, he was so rude, sprok actually had to post in the thread and warn him TO STOP

no, he didnt do it once,it was MULTIPLE TIMES, until the thread was locked

he wasnt banned...just a public warning for it,
and it was BAD,

rude, and insulting

I dont need to "prove" anything
the fact that he's got nearly 10 post on page 1, and that nearly 5 other post have his name in it like "Please ban serpus, he's insulting and rude"
the circumstantial evidence, and the PROOF is right there,

I have done nothing but point out what the rest of the community is DISGUTED WITH
and was banned for it

Why should I go look up post THAT ARE THERE FOR YOU TO SEE?
there 200+ pages of threads,
almost all of em have something rude said by this kid,
because I am not willing to go search through all of them, i am wrong?

Listen, simply posting as much as he does, about the things he does, is spamming, and possibly trolling....
those are indisputable, and violations of the TOS
why should I get specific when the obvious violations are right there?

AND ARG, this is not what I was trying to do here,
see jakal?
I am not tryin to down serpus,
anyone who doubts me only needs to got the boards and go back maybe 5 pages and you'll see more rude and insulting comments than on any other board.

stop asking me for proof he's soo bad,
in giving you this proof, its making me look bad,
so find it yourself please.
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