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Re: Which laptop is better for PS2?

Well, I decided for a completely different one. It's got the same A8 as the ASUS, but a much better graphics card. It's even better than the one that my dad's got in his build (which I ran tests on to compare to my build), which is capable of running PS2 at medium/low settings just fine. I think I'll be good.

I'm totally aware the graphics are gonna suck. I don't care. I'd prefer being able to see the enemy a mile away as opposed to being blinded by godrays and bloom effects and all the prettiness that I would have if I got a better comp.

@Rbstr, the Gamebooster actually works. It does seem like on of those "fake miracles," but it actually does work. Even on this dinky Athlon Dual-core from 6 years ago that I'm writing on, I'm looking at at least a 10 FPS increase. Which would be much bigger on a newer comp; PS2 just strangles the processor enough on this build as-is to the point where any gain of ANYTHING is nigh impossible.

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