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Originally posted by BrileyPS
Spnsr2, there will never be anything that you can download that will allow you to create, add, texture, or mod any part of Planetside. So even if you see a file that says that its any part of planetside, it will be a fake...or even a virus. And to let you know that when you post something in kazza you have total control over what its remember that for the next download, and consider yourself lucky that it wasnt a virus that shut you down for good.

nonono....chill man, i scanned it with norton antiviurs it's fine. ANd hey i do take risks, but i usually dont take the dumb ones. don't flame.

Originally posted by BUGGER33
I think its his sig.....its like google....but different....

waht aer you tlaking about, my sig? how's it liek google?


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