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Re: Thresher Concept by Typwn

Originally Posted by ArmedZealot View Post
I never liked the thresher in PS1. It was the ugliest of the bunch.

I'd imagine it as a smaller magrider. The mag is a big equilateral triangle + some splines here and there. The thresher should be an isosceles with two inline seats. Narrow and fast. The arrow of the Vanu armor.
I loved the thresher in Planetside 1, especially when it was Red and Black. Driving it was a ton of fun, and I really like the style of it from the original, so I took some queues from some of the VS PS2 vehicles and came up with this.

Originally Posted by Fenrod View Post
Damn, this one looks good.
Thanks Fenrod! Hopefully others like it as well, didn't take too long and I don't have a weapon mounted on the top but I'm happy with it. I didn't include the VS logos cause I don't have the rights to them lol.

Originally Posted by Grognard View Post
I actually like that quite a bit, course I liked the Thresher too... The propulsion devices seem to be armored and sloped, cockpit has good situational awareness... Looks like form followed function, good job.
Thank you very much Grognard! I really wanted to give it a closed cockpit because I feel it fits the VS look more in Planetside 2. I'm sure I could come up with an open cockpit style as well, I just don't think it would be in the new style of the VS.
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