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Re: Thresher Concept by Typwn

Originally Posted by ArmedZealot View Post
I never liked the thresher in PS1. It was the ugliest of the bunch.

I'd imagine it as a smaller magrider. The mag is a big equilateral triangle + some splines here and there.

The thresher should be an isosceles with two inline seats. Narrow and fast. The arrow of the Vanu armor.
I actually used threshers allot but they were not line units. they were better at recon and skirmishers.

Basicly cut 2 boxes of ammo from the trunk and add ACEs/ AMMO and medkits and you got the best recon vehicle in the game.

Had allot of fun crossing rivers to drop off a cloaker to plant some CE and boomer enemies then cover him with a heavy scout rifle.

Howevey I think these guys are cutting the buggies as they were not in battlefield.
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