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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Originally Posted by Bocheezu View Post
I am glad the PS2 bases are more open and aren't as claustrophobic
That's another thing I'd forgotten -- how congested the hallways get in both base and tower fights. You literally have people bouncing on the heads of the crowd like a mosh pit, and anybody with a Maelstrom can farm the hell out of the whole lot.

If the average passageway is wide enough to allow three-four lanes of human traffic, that's enough to let a MAX lock down, let somebody take a knee next to him, and still have room for the zerg to advance close to the opposite wall. That'll be a vast improvement.

I just hope the devs didn't go overboard in the opposite direction and make everything *too* spacious. There ought to be multiple points throughout any base where a skilled, determined squad can make a stand against a superior force. For awhile, anyway.
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