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Re: Reality check -- playing PS1 for the past three days

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
It was funny to see how the CR5s reacted to the Home Cont Defense event...
TR Markov here. Never played on Werner, but I created an NC alt on Emerald out of mere curiosity and played it off and on for a few months. Several things jumped out at me immediately that explained the smurf behavior I was seeing over on Markov:

1) One of the reasons the NC kicked so much ass in close-in knifefights is because when you have a single shot weapon -- or even one that goes into super-atomic 3-shot mode -- it's a lot easier to strafe around and aim *between* your own people. The TR can't do that without murdering each other. I never appreciated that until I held a Jackhammer myself.

2) There were never any backup AMS's. Never. The enemy would find our one or two AMS's and destroy them and the entire offensive would grind to a halt until the big blue and gold killing machine could reassemble and get pointed in the same direction. I was continually rolling them myself just out of habit and getting plenty of compliments... but nobody ever joined me. In fact getting support of any kind was like pulling teeth, and as a loyal Terran who was used to our FIX EVERYTHING AROUND YOU AT ALL TIMES ethic it really fucking irritated me.

3) The CR5's were retarded. They screeched orders and insults at us and each other like junior highers on a caffeine high. They made ours look like Sun Tzu. They had exactly one bright spark amongst them: SecOfHateColinKapow, and we pretty much followed him whenever he was on.

Despite 2) and 3), the NC still turned in good performances due to the user-friendly firepower of the Jackhammer on the one hand and the Vanguard on the other. Cameraderie, yes. Lots of killing power, yes. Organization, other than the moment-to-moment kind? LOL.

The different lore and character of each empire attracts different personality types. And the ones that are drawn to the NC frankly seem to be the frustrated teenagers, the libertarians, the independents who, for whatever reasons in RL, don't like to be told what to do *and* who want the biggest goddam guns. The TR get the disciplined serious people, or at least a critical mass of them, precisely because of the whole Nazi-Commie color scheme and authoritarian lore.

(Much of what makes the Vanu tick as a community is still a mystery to me. I never created a Vanu alt. They really seem to get their rocks off on the whole WE ARE SUPERIOR BECAUSE OF THE POWER OF SCIENCE! meme, though. I'm guessing they were the kids playing harmless practical jokes on each other in high school science lab, and who will dangerously overclock their PC's to gain a few frames per second).

You're not bitching about 'experience' or 'organization' or 'discipline'. You're bitching about your empire's corporate culture, the one that grows out of the character of the majority of people attracted to it. And there's no cure for that. So it's not going to change in PS2. Nor should it.

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